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20th Anniversary in Nanaimo - "We are all connected."
Thank you for considering a sponsorship to the 20th Anniversary of Pride in Nanaimo! From June 9th through 17th, our festivities will be marked by six major events. We are so excited to feature the second annual Nanaimo Pride Parade, as well as a 19+ dance headlined by community favourite – the powerhouse live band, Queer as Funk! In 2016, we grew to become the 3rd largest Pride in BC, with over 10,000 people of all orientations and identities attending the Pride Parade & Festival. Wow!

If you choose to become a sponsor, your contributions will have an immediate and direct impact upon our community. You will help to give a voice to those who still don’t have one, and to encourage those who are still afraid to find their voices. You will help to create a warmer and more welcoming world for those who come after us. This is an amazing and unique opportunity to foster greater understanding of one another, so that we can work towards a better future, together. Connected.